Although their season is coming to an end, the Carnegie Mellon women’s soccer team has played well of late. Their three-game winning streak has been fueled by incredible team play and individual performances.

Last week sophomore forward Abby Coffin recorded her first hat trick in a game against Penn State–Behrend and received University Athletic Association (UAA) honors as women’s soccer Athlete of the Week. She sat down with The Tartan to discuss her success.

Tartan: When did you start playing soccer? How did you get into the sport?
Coffin: I was four when I started playing. My dad was the coach, so that really drew me into the game. I started playing on a YMCA team, then eventually played for a club and my high school.

T: Did you always know you would play soccer in college?
C: I always wanted to play soccer in college; I just never knew where until later on in high school when I decided that academics were much more important. This is why I came to CMU, where I knew I would play great soccer and still have high academic standards for myself.

T: How do you handle balancing your academics with soccer?
C: Managing soccer and school was never difficult until I came to CMU. I, as well as the other girls on the team, do really well managing the work and putting in the 10 to 12 hours of practice a week and one to two games a week schedule. I actually seem to feel and perform better in school during soccer season.

T: The team has to travel a lot during the season — any place in particular you have really liked?
C: I am a sophomore, and so far we have traveled to Boston to play Brandeis, New York to play New York University and the University of Rochester, Atlanta to play Emory, Cleveland to play Case Western Reserve, Chicago to play the University of Chicago, and St. Louis to play Washington University. So far, I enjoyed Boston the most. It is a great city and I had a lot of fun with the team on that trip.

T: Is there anything in particular you attribute your success to?
C: Well, I can give some credit to the fact that I work really hard at practices, but honestly, other than that, winning soccer games and playing well is a team achievement.

Without everyone out there playing well, there’s not much we can do. So if anything, being part of a really great team, and all of us really being able to work together.

T: What accomplishments are you most proud of?
C: When I played club, we won the state championship eight years in a row; last year I was honored as UAA Rookie of the Year; and [I was] named All-UAA, which are all things I am really proud of.

Recognition and awards like that are always really cool. They really make you want to play harder.

T: Any goals left for the remainder of the soccer season?
C: Well, the team would like to finish the season hard, and win out the rest of the season.