Did you know?

October 2, 1956

The sophomore and first-year classes competed in the annual tug-of-war feat of strength. Determined sophomores literally held their ground to ensure they didn’t lose for a second straight year. They barely succeeded, winning 2–1, leaving the defeated first-years stuck in the mud.

October 6, 1981

Hold it right there, you daring Casanova, you. Before you attempt to lure in the ladies, The Tartan would like to offer you some advice on better pickup lines. If you perchance have 10 extra minutes, try the tips posted in this issue. In case you don’t have 10 minutes, here’s a brief on the wrong things to say: “You remind me of a woman I used to date,” “I bet I can outdrink you,” and “Hey baby, let’s program.”

October 7, 1996

Carnegie Mellon’s Cut was fenced off so media could photograph the campus. Outraged students, who for a week could not walk on the lawn, had to relocate their games of lawn darts elsewhere. We find this strange, as pictures of Carnegie Mellon without students playing on the Cut could give the idea that we’re socially withdrawn.

October 1, 2001

Bathroom stalls at Carnegie Mellon reached the epoch of the luxurious entertainment experience. A performance artist transcended the bathroom image by converting one of the University Center’s stalls into a fine dining establishment, complete with linens, wine, and top-notch cutlery. The dining conversation consisted primarily of potty talk, occasionally interrupted by flushing.

October 3, 2005

Police gave two citations to an intoxicated female student who was caught, pants down, urinating behind the glass bus shelter on Forbes Avenue outside of the University Center. The police issued her citations not only for underage drinking, but also for public lewdness — apparently she was wrong in thinking that she was obscured by the structure. Hopefully, next time she will at least find the protection of a phone booth.