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We spoke to you last week about the way we get things done. We’re an inclusive, ideas-driven administration. Do you have ideas for improving the campus community? Contact us. We want to be the enablers of your goals for our university. To illustrate this, we’ve invited sophomore Nelson Cheung to write this week’s column:

September has come and gone. Ask any Carnegie Mellon student how he or she is doing, and you will get a response such as “busy” or “sleep-deprived.” Trying to squeeze everything into our schedule — student organizations, sports teams, the arts — makes it that much harder to find time to relax.

Karl Sjogren had this in mind when he approached me about addressing efficiency in student organizations on campus. After meeting with Karl, Kaycee Palko from Student Activities, and other student leaders, we created what is now the Making Your Mark Leadership Series.

The series is for all students who wish to free up time in their busy schedules. Every three weeks or so, we will hold workshops to optimize your organization. These workshops will disseminate information to help students manage extracurricular activities. This fall, we’ll be offering sessions that include day-to-day efficiency, program planning, team dynamics, and sustaining your organization.

From these 90-minute sessions, students will take away concrete skills that they can immediately apply to their activities and organizations. For example, each student will be given a packet of helpful hints in student leadership. These one- or two-sentence reminders are meant to be easy-action items, helping them streamline their organizations one step at a time.

The format of the series will be a dinner while student leaders educate participants on a particular skill set. After the brief presentation, participants will have the opportunity to both ask questions and network with the other student leaders. Everyone will leave each session a more efficient leader.

Please join us for our first session this Wednesday: “Day to Day Efficiency: Streamlining Your Organization,” at 5:30 p.m. in the Wright Room in the University Center. See you there!