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On any given day, a myriad of activities occur on campus. The vast majority of these events are funded in part by the student activities fee. Your $84 a semester goes a long way, and this fee and the Joint Funding Committee (JFC) that provides the means for students to do so much on campus.

JFC allocates the student activities fee. Composed of undergraduate and graduate representatives approved by Senate and the Graduate Student Assembly, JFC controls the fiscal policy of student organizations. This is a rare system among universities because all allocations are student driven — there are no administrators on the JFC. In order to have an effective JFC, we need passionate, capable, and competent members. Does that describe you?

Within the next month, Senate will be approving its JFC slate for the fall semester. The time commitment is about four hours per week. While being a member of JFC is not an overwhelming job, it does require a great deal of dedication. The budget process is not something that can or should be glossed over. If you think you’ve got great analytical skills and a passion for campus life, we want you on JFC.

Commitment to JFC is extremely worthwhile, because students can receive tangible benefits for being involved — you’ll be a part of the decision-making process that funds and sustains nearly every activity on campus. It’s a position where you can make a difference.

Andrea and I believe in being both accessible and responsive to the student body. Similarly, we believe that we should be open with the student body as well; open means sharing what’s happening on campus as well as what opportunities are available to students. The best JFC possible happens when Senate has the greatest number of nominees to choose from. We want you to apply to insure that it happens. We believe that JFC is a process that should include the entire campus community, not just friends of student government.

So we challenge you, whether you’re already significantly committed or if you’re just looking to try something new, to step up and try JFC — it’s one of the few opportunities on campus where you’re guaranteed to have a large impact on campus life.

Anyone interested in being a JFC rep should contact Joel M. Bergstein (jbergste@), the chair of the Senate Finance Committee. E-mail him your name, class, college/major, why you want to be on JFC, and the list of organizations you’re involved in. We look forward to your application.