Crime and Incident

Liquor Law
22 January 2006
at 01:56

Police responded to a possible domestic situation on the fraternity quadrangle. One citation was issued for possession and consumption of alcoholic substances.

Disorderly Conduct
22 January 2006
at 02:44

Three males were let into one of the residence halls on the hill and caused a disturbance by setting off fire extinguishers and being verbally abusive to the female residents. Two males fled the scene.
The remaining actor was described as a thin white male wearing glasses, and police warned him not to return.

Suspicious Person
23 January 2006
at 13:59

A complainant noticed an older, allegedly odious white man wearing a sweatsuit allegedly pulling volumes off the shelves and barricading himself in a fort of books in Hunt Library.

Suspicious Person
26 January 2006
at 12:42

A complainant from the bookstore reported two males believed to be attempting to steal books. One student was a 5'10" white male wearing a black hoodie with a beige jacket. The second actor was a 5'6" white male with blonde hair and beard, wearing a hat and green jacket with a fake-fur collar. The complainant allegedly witnessed the party go up to the upper level and out of the door.