dollar movie


Wednesday, January 25

10 12:30

You should never investigate mysterious distress signals. A phallic alien will always begin eating through your chest and wreak havoc upon your crew. It is a sci-fi cliché, but while many modern films would hurry to these slasher scenes, Ridley Scott masterfully constructs Alien in the spirit of Spielberg’s Jaws. The film dwells on the suspense of uncertainty and not on the fleeting joy of gore. The terrifying monster dwelling in this movie’s creepy atmosphere never gets old, and you will definitely get some thrills.

The Constant Gardener

Thursday, January 26

7:30 10 12:30

Ralph Fiennes exquisitely portrays a grieving British diplomat in this political thriller from Fernando Meirelles. After his wife’s brutal murder on a desolate African highway, Fiennes’ character single-handedly unravels a tragic scheme involving a pharmaceutical company’s vicious exploitation of impoverished Africans. Poignant and complex, with a chilling climax, The Constant Gardener is sure to leave an impression. And there’s a scene with Rachel Weisz in the bath.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Friday, January 27

8 10 12

A light and innocent comedy about a high school student, played by Matthew Broderick, who fakes illness to spend the day with his girlfriend and his best friend. The movie follows the three teens around Chicago as they learn more about the city and each other. Ferris sometimes gets on too high a soapbox, but his intentions, along with those of the movie, are well-placed. The movie uses some clever devices, and if the comedy does not strike your fancy, the very nice views of the Windy City and the conversation between the teens will.

Chicken Little

Saturday, January 28

8 10 12

Disney still cannot relive their glory days of yore, when characters mattered and plot had good premises. It feels like the only new thing here is Disney’s stab at computer animation. The film goes straight for the kids among us, and I can only imagine theaters filled with families, not college students. Don’t look for a redeeming story. It will get a few smiles and giggles only for its cuteness, but don’t stay for a lasting film.

Three... Extremes

Sunday, January 29

7:30 10 12:30

This one film really is made of three. As the title suggests, they are pretty extreme. Some of Asia’s most talented new directors — Fruit Chan, Takashi Miike, and Chan-wook Park — have contributed three horror films that each run between 30 and 60 minutes. They all have an ineffable, shocking creepiness. The three directors wanted to throw away many of the horror genre’s old devices, and their short films, wrought with a nightmarish quality, will definitely give you some extreme chills. Go to be profoundly disturbed.