Did you know?

50 Years Ago

January 1956

The Tartan did not print during the week of January 23-27, 1956.

25 Years Ago

January 20, 1981

Residents of Morewood Gardens faced a host of problems with their building, according to an article in The Tartan. Among the problems was a water main break, as well as malfunctioning toilets. The Tartan reported that “no cause has yet to be found for the break,” but it was discovered the pipes had been clogged with dirt. One thing they didn’t report on was the look (or smell) of the student body after days without water.

10 Years Ago

January 22, 1996

The Tartan angrily complained about the slow speed with which fall semester grades reached students. The paper noted that often students did not receive a copy of their grades by mail until the last week of winter break. CMU students demand respect. We demand to know immediately how badly we failed.

5 Years Ago

January 22, 2001

The campus bookstore looked to improve services. Some of the ideas included changing the labeling on shelves so that used books were easier to find and so that students could tell immediately if used books were not available. They did not suggest that they should change the price of a notebook from the ridiculous $4.50 to the only slightly less baffling $3.50.

1 Year Ago

January 24, 2005

A 34-year-old man was reported to be trespassing in West Wing. He was sighted by students who reported him to Campus Police. The man claimed one of the residents of West Wing was his friend. That is, if you count people you bumped into on the bus as friends.