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Thursday, September 22
A Taste of Honey
8 10 12

[ITAL]A Taste of Honey[ITAL] could be thought of as the original [ITAL]Will and Grace[ITAL]. Made in 1961, it tells the story of a girl who ends up on the street after her drunken mom gets married on a whim. The girl (Jo) lives with her gay friend Geoffrey and then gets pregnant after a one-night stand with a black sailor named Jimmy. Geoffrey decides to help her raise the baby, but then things get complicated (as they often do with teenage mothers) when Jo?s ethanol-soaked mother resurfaces and wants a piece of the action. So maybe it?s not [ITAL]just[ITAL] like [ITAL]Will and Grace[ITAL] ? I wouldn?t know, since I don?t actually watch it ? but it's arguably similar, right?

Friday, September 23
8 10 12

It?s astonishing that a movie starring Jet Li [ITAL]and[ITAL] Morgan Freeman could bomb at the box office. However, [ITAL]Unleashed[ITAL] did just that. Perhaps people didn?t want to see Jet Li as a dog-collar-wearing slave ? but then again, this movie contains the longest and most brutal fight scene Jet Li has ever taken part in. Also, [ITAL]Unleashed[ITAL] was directed by the guy who did [ITAL]The Transporter[ITAL], so you know you?re in for a crazy action-fest. Interestingly enough, [ITAL]Unleashed[ITAL] has a reputation for being one of the most intelligent and/or least action-packed Jet Li movies yet.

Saturday, September 24
The Longest Yard
8 10 12

Remakes of beloved classic movies are becoming more and more common lately, probably because movie studios are running out of good ideas that they can successfully market to the masses. Remakes within a film genre that are already saturated with cliches and predictable plots are an even safer bet, and that?s where [ITAL]The Longest Yard[ITAL] falls. Adam Sandler once again joins a football team of misfits to try and prove himself. This time around, the team members are all prison inmates playing against a team of guards. Most likely, someone learns a lesson about the value of hard work, or the importance of family, or maybe even true love. Oh right, and there?s football.

Sunday, September 25
Bride & Prejudice
8 10 12

What happens when you mix Bollywood with Jane Austen? [ITAL]Bride & Prejudice[ITAL]. Bollywood, the overarching title given to a style of movie that originated with the rapidly growing Indian film industry, involves lavish costumes, lavish sets, and ludicrous musical interludes. Jane Austen, for those not familiar, is a 19th-century author who wrote about the struggles of women in the working class in 19th-century England. When Bollywood collides with Ms. Austen, we get a deliciously brutal scrapheap of vivid colors, sweet accents, and hyperextended dance numbers that will probably imbue you with plenty of energy for the grueling days ahead.