Crime and Incident

Liquor Law
9 September 2005 at

A 21-year-old man was given alcohol amnesty for an incident that occurred outside of Doherty Hall. The man was intoxicated and lying on the ground, and he refused EMS. Police gave him a ride home and paged Student Life.

10 September 2005 at

The Associate Vice-President of Alumni Relations called from home to report that several alumni board members had been ?robbed or pickpocketed? during a reception in Schatz Dining Room in the University Center. The complainant was notified by other board members after they had left to attend a dinner at an off-campus location and realized they were short a significant amount of money. The manager at Schatz notified police that an employee left the function early because she was ?ill.? The manager believed the employee?s behavior was suspicious. Police have positively identified the suspect, who has offered to make full and immediate restitution of the stolen cash. Charges are pending.

Suspicious Person
11 September 2005 at

A male complainant notified police of a man who matched the description of the suspicious person in the September 8 safety alert. The suspect was reported heading toward Doherty Apartments in a silver Buick, shirtless. Police didn?t find anyone matching the description at the scene.

11 September 2005 at

A complainant notified police that a chop saw was taken from Donner House sometime between Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

15 September 2005 at

A complainant notified police of noise and unknown persons shining some type of bright light into people?s windows at Morewood Gardens.

15 September 2005 at

The Mudge desk attendant notified police of something smoldering or burning outside the dorm. Police checked the area and found a piece of smoldering wood lying in a grate. The wood was extracted and extinguished, and the first-floor windows were opened for ventilation.