$ Movie

This week, there's only one movie sponsored by AB, since the 2005 student Film Festival will be taking place from April 7 to 10. This year's festival theme is "In My Shoes," focusing on diversity in America. I encourage you to attend these films if you are interested in learning more about the various races, ethnic backgrounds, orientations, and cultures in America. Also if you want to watch Mel Brooks and company make fart jokes around a campfire.

Ed Wood
Wednesday, April 6
7:30, 10, 12:30

This movie, one of many Tim Burton?Johnny Depp collaborations, features Depp as Edward Wood, one of the worst movie directors of all time (anyone who's ever seen [ITAL]Plan 9 From Outer Space[ITAL] knows what I'm talking about.) I saw this movie when I was nine, with my parents, and thus probably didn't appreciate a lot of it, including Martin Landau's depiction of Bela Lugosi, Bill Murray as a striving transsexual, and Johnny Depp in drag. Today, I know better.

2005 Film Festival: "In My Shoes"
Admission: $1 with CMU ID, $3 without. Some movies are free.

Thursday, April 7
5:30 pm Reception, Danforth Lounge, University Center
6:30 pm Introduction, Everett Tademy
LaLee's Kin (Documentary)
8:30 pm The Wedding Banquet/Hsi yen (Film)
10:30 pm Blazing Saddles (Film)

Friday, April 8
3:00 pm My America... Honk if You Love Buddha (Documentary)
4:30 pm Gentleman's Agreement (Film)
6 pm Film Introduction and Discussion, Amanda Klein
Boyz in the Hood (Film)
8 pm A Bronx Tale (Film)
10 pm Different (Documentary)
Boys Don't Cry (Film)

Saturday, April 9
6:30 pm Film Introduction and Discussion, Deborah Kampmeier
Virgin (Film)
9 pm Office Shaman (Documentary)
Skins (Film)
10:30 pm The Believer (Film)

Sunday, April 10
6:30 pm People Like Us: Social Class in America (Documentary)
7 pm The City/La Ciudad (Film)
8:30 pm Twitch and Shout (Film)
9:30 pm Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark O'Brien (Documentary)
10:15 pm One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Film)