Introduction to How Things Work

With another Carnival finished, it?s once again time to hit the books. But wait! Before you inundate yourself in ?real? knowledge, why not take a moment and reflect on a very special part of Carnival? No, not the beer ? booths! Coincidentally, this year?s Carnival theme happens to be exactly the one we in the SciTech section are best at explaining: How Things Work.

The SciTech staff will be presenting a special section this week, entirely devoted to How Things Work articles that parallel this year?s booth themes. With 20 booths on Midway, each explaining a different subject, it was very difficult to choose which themes would be selected for this week?s SciTech section. Shall we write about magic tricks or candy? Rock ?n? roll or Santa?s Workshop? Fear or loathing in Las Vegas? Unfortunately, ?How Things Work: Outhouses? didn?t make this year?s cut, but I?m sure you will enjoy our choices regardless. Read on!