Compubookie's Buggy Predictions

Editor?s Note: Compubookie is a highly sophisticated betting robot that has been predicting Buggy results since 1974 and is in no way affiliated with The Tartan's sports staff. We just print this stuff.


  1. PiKA A
  2. Sig Ep A
  3. Fringe A
  4. SDC A
  5. Sig Nu A


  1. Fringe A
  2. PiKA A
  3. Sig Ep A
  4. Sig Nu A
  6. PiKA B
  7. SDC A
  8. Fringe B
  9. CIA A
  10. KDR B

The Field

SDC: First time you?ve ever been first

Fringe: ?Barring? any mishaps, you?ll walk away with this one

SPIRIT: Last time you finished second, you actually earned it

Sig Nu: Not so good at going up, but great at going down

AEPi: Second to last by a nose

Pika: Ask Spirit what it is like to lose control

CIA: Don?t ever laugh as the hearse goes by

Pioneers: Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Phi Kap: Once again, the only sorority participating in buggy

KDR B: 2:40.45
Women?s Winner: 2:29.83
Losing to women: Priceless
Sig Ep: The fastest pi?ata I have ever seen

It?s that time of year again. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I?m here making my specialized, Compubookie predictions of this year?s winners and losers. Let?s get to it:
Coming into day 2 for the women, we have SPIRIT A. Maybe if they focused more on the pushers and less on the paint job...
Sig Nu A will once again perform, just not well enough to make a difference. Unless they have been juicing these girls, they don?t have the strength to finish on top.
The girls of SDC A are going to do a mediocre job once again. They need to do some serious re-thinking if they want to win.
Fringe, while great at recruiting fast men, does not have a comparable women?s team. The buggies are still top notch, but they will need stronger and faster women to beat PiKA.
The female powerhouses of Beta A have, after Beta pulled out, joined forces with the
buggies of Sig Ep. This combination will be fast enough to pull a second place finish, but not enough for first.
After beating their own
women?s course record last year, the girls of PiKA A will claim their prize once again. Look for them to win it, but they won?t be breaking any records for a while.
Now for the men?s competition, the field this year is as volatile as last year. Hopefully there will be fewer disqualifications this year, as race day looked more like a blooper reel than a normal sweepstakes.
KDR will squeeze into the second day this year, but I?m not sure they understand that they should put their fastest pushers on the ?A? team.
CIA A will once again prove that they should stop wasting their time and get some sleep on the weekends.
Fringe is one of those rare organizations good enough to get their B team to the second day. Fringe B should put up a respectable time and give Fringe some DQ insurance.
After their A-team spin last year, SDC should get their act together and go back to their normal, lackluster performance.
PiKA B is always a wild card; I?m never sure where to put them. Their pushers were stripped and replaced by PiKA?s A team last year after the A team spin, but they still showed a strong enough showing on day one to leave PiKA in a good position.
Always looking to the past for their glory days, SPIRIT A will have to keep looking. Although some promising pushers will keep them in the top five.
The Zoo will use their great buggies to place fourth this year, but they can do no better without some kind of push team. I feel sorry for the pasty slobs I see pushing those beasts up the hills every year. I feel like a broken record on this subject, but
Sig Nu needs to rush some decent
athletes if they ever hope to break into the lead.
With their suprise finish last year, look for Sig Ep A to repeat their great performance. With a little bit more experience, these guys could take the trophy one day.
And now we come to PiKA A. Some will claim that I have wronged them in the past, but I stand by my predictions. They may have last year?s trophy, but we all know that Fringe was the real victor. With their A team buggy unable to even finish the course, their B team (with A team pushers, I might add) returned only a mediocre time. Without their incredible luck, PiKA would place second every time.
This year?s champion will be... Fringe A. They should have won last year and they have made great strides in ensuring that they will win again. With beautiful buggies and the best pushers Carnegie Mellon varsity track has to offer, the Fringetypes will put in a trophy-winning time. The humiliation of defeat the last few years will give this organization the drive it needs to succeed.
That?s the race this year. I will be watching as always, and try as you might, you won?t see me out there.