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Wednesday, April 13
@ 8, 10, 12

This indie thriller revolves around four inventors who struggle to come to terms with the ramifications of their startling new creation. No, they aren't building a Segway with spinners ? though that would have its own disturbing ramifications ? but it could have a far deeper impact than that freaky little people-mover. [ITAL]Primer[ITAL] is a classic indie film with an unknown cast, a self-taught writer-director-star, and rave critical reviews. It was criticized for being overly technical ? perfect for a little pre-Carnival brain busting. Enjoy your last night of sobriety for the week by checking out this masterful movie.

The Five Obstructions
Thursday, April 14
@ 8, 10, 12

Why would AB Films show a self-important and convoluted Danish film on Carnival Thursday? Simple: because they can! In a way [ITAL]The Five Obstructions[ITAL] is a documentary. Directors J?rgen Leth and Lars von Trier take turns in a cinematic sparring match ? they are challenged to make a short film within specific bizarre constraints five different times; hence the title. The audience gets to see the two directors conversing and also the process that goes into making each film. However, it's not a normal filmmaking process ? usually directors aren't given strict, often arbitrary guidelines they have to stick to. I mean, most directors today have a hard time even following simple directions, like "Don't make it suck."

Ong Bak
Friday, April 15
Saturday, April 16
@ 8, 10, 12

This movie, whose title is Thai for "Daredevil," is so badass they're showing it twice. Its star, Tony Jaa, has been heralded as the next Bruce Lee, and for good reason. He does all his own stunts without any wires to help him, and he fights using the absolutely brutal martial art of Muay Thai ? a form of kickboxing that emphasizes the use of the knees and elbows and therefore values quick and painful incapacitations. Just to make sure you don't miss it, it's being shown on Friday [ITAL]and[ITAL] Saturday nights, so you can balance the Shins with ultraviolent revenge, if you want to. And you should.

They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
Sunday, April 16
@ 8, 10, 12

Set at a dance marathon during the Great Depression, [ITAL]They Shoot Horses[ITAL] stars a young Jane Fonda as one of many disparate contestants, trying to win some extra cash to stay alive as the economy plummets. This movie has been described as sordid, bleak, draining, and brilliant ? and it's directed by the only guy who could manage to make Dustin Hoffman dress as a woman. It should be a good change of pace from the norm, and who doesn't love dance marathons? Maybe you will love them, after you see this movie.