Letter to the Editor

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In Alex Meseguer?s call for making Joint Funding Committee (JFC) deliberations public [?Bring secret funding process into the light,? 4/4], he wrote, ?Some JFC members recalled an incident when the baseball team came to the appeals meeting wielding baseball bats. Quite the intimidating situation; the committee would have been well within their rights to call Campus Police.?
This is a gross misrepresentation of an event that took place years ago, when the Baseball Club asked Student Senate for a special allocation to replace damaged equipment, including bats. During a Senate hearing on the allocation, members of the Baseball Club passed around cracked bats and other equipment that was no longer suitable for use in practice or games.
No member of the Baseball Club, past or present, was contacted to confirm or deny this damaging claim. In 2001, then-Baseball Club president Nick Naviglia chaired the JFC. For the past three fiscal years I have personally liaised with the JFC and, contrary to the implied bullying, have not so much as appealed the JFC?s recommended subsidy for two of those years.
All this begs the question: What exactly are these JFC members recalling? If it is hearsay of an event years prior, exaggerated as passed down from committee to committee, it should be reported as such. Instead, the incident was reported as fact, which it is not. I implore The Tartan to be more vigilant in its fact checking and representation of organizations and events.

Kevin Cohn
Carnegie Mellon Baseball Club