Crime and Incident

19 November 2005
at 17:16

A complainant notified police his wallet was missing after it was taken out of his pants pocket while he was in the University Center.

20 November 2005
at 17:11

Police were notified of a calculator removed from a complainant’s bag sometime between Friday night and early Sunday evening. The complainant had left the bag in Skibo Gym.

Motor Vehicle Theft
20 November 2005
at 17:24

Police were notified of a license plate stolen from a vehicle
on Margaret Morrison Street. The New York plate was last seen on the vehicle on
November 19.

Suspicious Person
20 Novemeber 2005
at 20:21

Students notified police of a suspicious person loitering around Fairfax Apartments and approaching students to ask for money in exchange for tools. The actor was described as a black man, approximately 5'5" or 5'6" with missing front teeth. He was reportedly wearing a black or other dark-colored sweatshirt with a hood.

21 November 2005
at 04:33

A Central Properties Services supervisor found a locked bathroom stall in Hamburg Hall. Upon opening the stall, the employee found significant damage done to the wall behind the commode.

21 November 2005
at 17:03

A female student notified police that her blue wallet was taken out of her jacket while she was in her friend’s room in Cathedral Mansions sometime between 1 and 4 am on November 20.

Suspicious Activity
28 November 2005
at 09:07

Police were notified of suspicious activity in the Whitfield Hall parking area on North Craig Street. A third-party informant told police that a man was pulling the dash out of a green car. When police arrived on the scene, they found a CMU student changing the dashboard lights in his green station wagon. The student was cleared.

1 December 2005
at 11:47

A student informed police that an unknown person removed money from his wallet while in Wiegand Gymnasium in the University Center. According to the complainant, the wallet, which was in his jacket pocket hanging on the wall in the gym, contained $148.