Club Sports Round-up

The men?s lacrosse team is moving up. Last week the team announced that it has been promoted to the MDIA-CCLA, the premier club lacrosse league in the country. The promotion
coincides with the hiring of new head coach Anthony Stamtopoulos, and signals a new era of competitiveness for lacrosse at CMU.
CMU earned the promotion by virtue of its dominance of its old league, the NCLL. During the last two years, the team has only lost a handful of matches. Now, under Stamtopoulos, who last year guided Ferris State to second place in the
MDIA-CCLA, the Tartans will be competing against serious, big-time programs.
Already, to prepare, the team has upped its practices from a year ago to four or five times each week. Starting forward Roderick T. McMullen said, ?With the level of commitment we?re at right now, we?re competing at a varsity level with club status.?
Even with the jump in competition, CMU expects to achieve dominance similar to what it experienced in its old division. ?We have probably the best starting lineup in the league,? said McMullen. ?We expect to win the championship.?