Did ya know?

50 years ago

November 15, 1955

The Tartan wrote a scathing article about ?The Scot,? a campus humor publication similar to readme. ?Scot failed to do anything,? The Tartan moaned. ?No one was lampooned, and heaven knows there are many corners of CIT which can stand some lampooning.? For those of you keeping score at home, this marks 50 straight years of campus funny papers not being funny.

25 years ago

November 11, 1980

An editorial proclaimed that the new Carnegie Mellon alcohol policy was only being implemented due to lawsuits pressed against the school for violations of state law. The Tartan noted that the policy was rather weak and not a ?firm, consistent enforcement of the state law.? It added that the alcohol policy was ?cosmetic.? My cosmetic alcohol policy? Well, after a few things start to look a whole lot better.

10 years ago

November 13, 1995

The issue of pornography?s effects on the masses was debated on the University of Pittsburgh?s campus, the Tartan reported. Catharine MacKinnon, a professor of law from the University of Michigan, said, ?Exposure of pornography to normal, meaning non-predisposed, males increases their attitudes and behaviors of aggression, and other forms of discrimination against women.? In other news, I?m devastated about TBA being rescheduled.

5 years ago

November 13, 2000

The University considered a move to raise tuition. In preparation for the inevitable, they invited students and parents to attend a dinner to discuss the issues at hand and get feedback. Parents leaving the dinner were reported to mumble, ?Maybe if they would hold back on the roast beef they could keep tuition the same.?

1 year ago

November 15, 2004

A Tartan editorial complained about the behavior of students during the high-profile visit of Masaharu Morimoto visit. The Iron Chef made food for two hours, the Tartan reported, and the audience quickly gobbled it up. ?Our students should not become frenzied at the sight of food,? The Tartan proclaimed. Got to get the bacon! Oh my goodness bacon bacon bacon!