Crime and Incident

1 November 2005
at 17:57

A Webster resident notified police that her keys were stolen from the University Center. The keys were marked with her address. Housing was notified.

Suspicious Person
2 November 2005
at 11:02

A complainant notified police of one white man and two black men who were roaming the halls of Hamerschlag Hall and soliciting tools throughout the building.

6 November 2005
at 13:08

A complainant notified police that her vehicle parked on Margaret Morrison Street was keyed sometime between Friday and Saturday evening.

Noise Complaint
7 November 2005
at 01:16

A Shirley Apartments resident notified police of loud noise coming from an apartment on the third floor. The noise ceased upon the police?s arrival.

Vehicle Collision
8 November 2005
at 00:40

A Campus Escort driver notified police that the Escort vehicle was struck by a silver two-door Chevy Cobalt. The actor allegedly left the scene and was last seen heading outbound on Forbes Avenue. Campus police checked several surrounding streets with negative results.

8 November 2005
at 10:02

Complainant stated that persons unknown had removed five hanging posters reading ?CFA 100 Years? from different areas around campus. The party valued the posters at $400?$500 each.

Property Damage
8 November
at 23:19

Police were notified of persons on BMX bikes performing tricks near Doherty Hall. A complainant felt the bikes might be causing damage to nearby tables. The bikers were stopped and warned. No damage was evident.

Compiled by
Brittany McCandless