Say What? Unilateralism is unfair

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An issue that arises at most private institutions, not excluding this campus, is the lack of student involvement in decision-making processes. If we are to continue on a path to increase social standards on this campus, as has been the spoken goal of the administration for the past decade, it is my belief that we should look to students to be involved in making policy and not allow blanket legislation by the administration on significant issues. The reason for my disgruntlement with the decision to take minors off of diplomas isn?t necessarily because of the given reasoning but mainly the methods by which the policy was enacted.
From my understanding, four years ago, the administration dictated to the Student Senate that minors would be removed from diplomas. Because of widespread student disappointment with this decision and movements to have it reversed, the enactment was held off for these past four years. Two weeks ago, John Papinchak spoke in front of the Student Senate and said, ?This is going to happen. Just wanted to make sure you knew.? After a period of good discussion, I asked for an informal showing of hands to see how many of my peers in Senate did not want to see the policy passed, now that it had been explained. Nearly all those present at the meeting showed their objection to the resolution. If this is the case across campus, which I feel it is, and if this was the
case four years ago, why is it the administration?s conclusion that it should disregard student opinion and keep going along its unilateral path?
As a student body, we should have the right to a diploma in a shape that we would like to see it. As a student body, we also have the distinct right to make decisions that will ultimately affect us and not the administration.
My concern does not only regard the diploma issue. When the food trucks of Tech Street were relocated to Margaret Morrison, it was done in the shadows of the night for expressed reasons that were ?sketchy? at best. When several fraternities were booted from their housing, there was no explanation. When are we going to begin holding the administration accountable to us? It?s the only way we can make this school what we want it.