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The Joint Funding Committee (JFC) season is coming up very quickly and there are many important and positive changes this year that I am excited to tell you about.
As the other member of student government?s executive branch, the Vice-President of Finance, I only come out into the spotlight at the beginning and end of the JFC. Over the next few weeks, the JFC will be working hard to run a new process: funding eligibility, which was part of student government?s reforms last year.
One of the biggest changes was the replacement of funded recognition. Instead of individual
approval by the Student Senate or the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA), with funding eligibility, the JFC makes recommendations and Senate and GSA later approve them. Funding eligibility gives similar rights to groups as funded recognition (the ability to ask for an annual student government subsidy), but it must be renewed yearly.
Next week, the JFC will be meeting for the first time to set up for the funding eligibility process, which every organization on campus will have to go through if they want to be funded through the JFC in the spring. We will have two mandatory information sessions before Thanksgiving for organization leaders; those dates will be announced soon and sent out to every organization on record. At those meetings, we will review the entire application process, the required paperwork needed for the committee, and how we want the paperwork.
At the least, we will be asking for updated copies of organizations? constitutions, officer contact information, demonstration of interest, statement of the mission or special interest of the group and goals for that mission or special interest, and other administrative details. As before, no organization may receive funding eligibility if it was not recognized the preceding semester.
The limitation on academic, political, and religious groups? being a part of the process has been lifted. However, they, or any other group, will not be able to ask for money for academic, political, or religious events.
The current plan is to have final recommendations for funding eligibility done before the last day of fall classes, so organizations may review the decision of JFC and possibly appeal the decision during early January. Final approval by Senate and GSA would happen by end of January. After that, I?ll be writing again to talk about the spring budgeting process.