Crime and Incident

16 October 2005
at 23:16

A resident in Roselawn Terrace apartments reported that two men between the ages of 24 and 27 arrived at his door and claimed to be Carnegie Mellon alumni and former members of the swim team. They requested entry to the resident?s room, saying they had left ?something? inside one of the bedroom?s walls. The resident refused to let them in and left the premises after they had gone. When he returned to his room later that night, he discovered that his window screen had been taken out and that an intruder, presumably one of the men from before, had entered the room and knocked a hole in his wall to remove an item.

Fire Alarm
20 October 2005
at 11:28

A fire alarm was activated in Mellon Institute. Firefighters arrived on the scene to find that a food warmer in one of the social rooms had lit a curtain on fire. The fire was extinguished.

Suspicious Person
23 October 2005
at 01:13

A intoxicated man in need of assistance was seen on the fraternity quad. Police offered assistance to the man, who was 21, and he was escorted to a nearby fraternity.

Suspicious Person
23 October 2005
at 09:26

An unidentified black man wearing black boots was reported to be staying in one of the University Center?s bathrooms for over two hours. The man was identified and approached by police, but a background check revealed that the man was not wanted for any crime or misdemeanor. He was released with a standard warning and was last seen at the Morewood bus stop.

Suspicious Persons
23 October 2005
at 23:14

Two young white men were reported near the recyclable can and bottle dumpster in the back of Roberts Hall. One was described as having black hair and a light-colored T-shirt; there was no description for the second man. When approached by the police, the two were identified as students and claimed that they were ?Dumpster-diving? and looking for bottlecaps.

Compiled by
Alexandra Kilduff