Pittsburgh's SciTech Spectacular!

Pittsburgh?s premier science festival is here! The SciTech Spectacular at the Carnegie Science Center promises to fulfill every science fantasy. Carnegie Mellon is sponsoring many of the exhibits and presentations. The festival will feature performances by several local bands and a presentation by Michael Hanlon, author of ?The Science of the Hitchhiker?s Guide to the Galaxy,? regarding the science of film.


October 4: CMU?s Manuela
Veloso will be lecturing on the development of robot soccer and its implications for robotic teamwork. Robot teams are now being considered for use in fields of search and rescue, security, manufacturing, and logistics. CMU?s success at the annual RoboCup Championships owes much to Veloso?s research in the field.
October 4: Dr. Reid Simmons will be displaying GRACE, the robot receptionist in Newell-Simon Hall, and will take part in a panel discussion on the future of robots in our everyday lives. Simmons has claimed that every home in America will have a robot by 2050.
October 5: Kerien W. Fitzpatrick, the president of Hyperactive Technologies and a co-founder of Carnegie Mellon?s National Robotics Engineering Consortium, will be lecturing about fast food. Hyperactive recently teamed up with several Pittsburgh fast food eateries to predict what food orders will be placed based on a customer?s vehicle. If the camera-bot senses a minivan entering the drive-thru, it knows that the food order is likely to be big. For the customer, the food is prepared faster. For the company, costs drop dramatically.

Green Chemistry

October 6: Deboshri Banerjee, a CMU doctoral candidate in chemistry, will give a presentation about the future of green chemistry in cleaning up toxic waste that poses a threat to human health or the environment. Her research focuses on synthesizing and optimizing the use of Fe-TAML activators, which, when combined with organic peroxides, destroy environmental contaminants, making them less or non-toxic.

Advances in Architechture

October 4: Dr. Khee Poh Lam, a professor of architecture at CMU?s Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics, will talk about how Pittsburgh is a national leader in green architecture. The lecture will focus on high-performance building materials, from stand-alone solar panels to CMU?s entry in the 2005 Solar Decathlon.