$ Movie

Wednesday, October 5
An American in Paris
8 10 12

Back in the old days, Americans didn’t hate the French. In fact, they regularly lived in cities such as Paris, much as the title to this film would imply. If you haven't heard of it, [ITAL]An American in Paris[/ITAL] is a prototypical early 1950s musical with Gene Kelly. It's about love and art and the idyllic beauty that is Paris, as well as how confused and flustered people get when, as IMDB puts it, "romantic complications abound." And abound they do.

Thursday, October 6
M. Hulot's Holiday
8 10 12

Think of this as Mr. Bean at a gorgeous French beach resort. Oh, and in French. The fact that it’s both in a foreign language [ITAL]and[/ITAL]a half century old only makes the standard slapstick humor in [ITAL]M. Hulot’s Holiday[/ITAL] funnier. Looking at European culture through an outsider's lens can be very, very funny at times, especially when set in the 1950s. I’d be willing to put money on the fact that some rich old lady gets a pie (or other baked good) to the face at some point over the course of this film.

Friday, October 7
Kung Fu Hustle
8 10 12

Have you seen [ITAL]Shaolin Soccer[/ITAL]? Stephen Chow is at it again with another surreal martial arts comedy. [ITAL]Kung Fu Hustle[/ITAL] has the same weird out-of-place dance numbers that were unfortunately cut from the American version of Shaolin Soccer – you simply can't understand how bizarre the mind of Stephen Chow is without them. It's hard to explain what to expect from [ITAL]Kung Fu Hustle[/ITAL] – think a really goofy Jackie Chan movie with even more absurd fight scenes, even poorer subtitling, and even less seriousness.

Saturday, October 8
Kicking and Screaming
8 10 12

Oh, Will Ferrell, you were in so many movies this summer... and this one is supposed to be the worst. The movie has a simple plot: Will Ferrell coaches his kid's soccer team and acts like Will Ferrell around them. The team has to win a game to prove themselves or something. The fact is that Will Ferrell is funny when he has people to be funny with, but when he's wandering around just being Will Ferrell, he's simply sort of annoying - and that's the case in [ITAL]Kicking and Screaming[/ITAL]. Of course, you don't actually have anything better to do Saturday night, and it is only a dollar...

Sunday, October 9
8 10 12

The main character of [ITAL]Nicotina[/ITAL] is a geek, which is good because movies starring geeks are usually entertaining. This time around, the geek gets involved with the Russian mob in a complex snafu that comes together through several different subplots. Some critics have said that the movie feels like a Mexican Guy Ritchie movie, which could be a good thing depending on your taste in films. But if nothing else, it should be an enjoyable crime caper, albeit one with subtitles.