Did Ya Know?

50 Years Ago

October 4, 1955

The Tartan reported on those lucky gals who became candidates for CMU's Homecoming queen. One of the reported candidates had quite an interesting name: Ann "Pete" Boyer. Pete? Um, I didn't even know they had that kind of surgery in 1955. And to think, she was nominated for Homecoming Queen! Imagine what the other girls must have looked like.

25 Years Ago

October 7, 1980

Abbie Hoffman began a tour of U.S. colleges, The Tartan announced. Hoffman was a wildly radical hippie/yippie who was widely recognized for helping to organize the anti-war rallies during Vietnam. Hoffman eluded the government narrowly for many years and was reported to be accepting money for the college tour to pay for his court expenses. Hippies accepting money to pay off their debts, eh? This proves yet again that the man always wins and the spirit of free love and radical thought is dead. Vincent DiOnifrio from Criminal Intent played Hoffman in "Steal This Movie." DiOnifrio really freaks me out.

10 Years Ago

October 2, 1995

"Students choose marijuana, LSD for social fun," a Tartan headline proclaimed. "While alcohol may still be the most popular drug on college campuses across America, other drugs get their share of attention too. Carnegie Mellon is no exception...," The Tartan wrote. Wait, does Carnegie Mellon count as a drug now? Possible side effects include: delusions of grandeur, insomnia, and speaking in codes.

5 Years Ago

October 2, 2000

Someone was stealing campus food. Wait -- they [ITAL]stole[ITAL] campus food? The Tartan printed a crime report that stated, "He or she [the thief]...removed two packages of turkey, one of ham, two of roast beef, and one of beef tenderloin." Where did he take it to, his mini frige? I can see it now, me turning to my roommate and inquiring, "Darling, would you like me to cook us up some beef tenderloin on the George Foreman?"

1 Year Ago

October 4, 2004
[ITAL]Jeopardy![ITAL] auditions were held in Rangos, where students could test out their knowledge of obscure and relatively useless facts. If successful, they would win a chance to meet a post-mustache Alex Trebek. Big surprise, one of our wonderful students, Kermin Fleming, won the College Championship on [ITAL]Jeopardy![ITAL] Fleming was awarded $100,000, which still only pays for two and a half of his years at CMU. That makes me cry.