$ Movie

Wednesday, October 19
Strangers on a Train
10 12

Alfred Hitchcock is seriously the man. The father of suspense thrillers directed this movie about a guy who offers to trade murders with a man he meets on a train, so that neither of them becomes a suspect. Things go horribly awry, as most Alfred Hitchcock movies tend to do, and it ends with a race against time to prove one man?s innocence and another man?s guilt. Good black-and-white cinema is hard to find ? take advantage of it!

Thursday, October 20
Me and You and Everyone We Know
8 10 12

Indie movies are fun, especially ones on the bizarre nature of love, romance, and attraction. Me and You and Everyone We Know follows the story of a man and his two sons who are all having relationship troubles ? the man is afraid of commitment, his youngest son is delving into an Internet romance, and his older son is suffering from the wiles of his teenage female classmates. If you?re bummed about your love life take a peek at this movie ? it?ll probably make you feel better about it.

Friday, October 21
Land of the Dead
8 10 12

This movie is about Pittsburgh... and zombies. Taking place after the zombie apocalypse of Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead details the story of zombie hunters holed up in the last standing human city ? Pittsburgh. It turns out that Pittsburgh is a naturally defensible city thanks to all the rivers; but it?s also a naturally delicious city to zombies because of all the, you know, brains. So of course the zombies want in. And if that isn?t reason enough for you to see it, Dennis Hopper is in this movie, and he rocks.

Saturday, October 22
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
7:30 10 12:30

Johnny Depp wearing purple? Sign me up! If it weren?t for the whole creepy ambiguous love of children that Willy Wonka has, he?d be the perfect role model. I mean, who doesn?t want to own a fantastical candy factory? Especially one that dispatches mean children in deliciously ironic ways. Boy, that Wonka sure has it sweet: He?s even got an army of cloned midgets to do his bidding! If you missed it this summer, be sure to check the movie out ? and be sure to sing along so that drunk guy in the back row doesn?t do it on his own.

Sunday, October 23
10 12

What can a person possibly say about a British gangster movie starring some of our favorite British actors directed by Guy Ritchie, Madonna husband extraordinaire? Well. It?s slick, hilarious, and has a ridiculously eclectic soundtrack. Oh, right, it also has Brad Pitt as an unitelligible Pikey who can kick some serious ass if required. The best part, though, is that it?s full of excellent examples of British humor that actually make sense. A rare find, indeed.