Did ya know?

50 years ago

October 18, 1955

The Tartan reported on high hopes for the new snack bar in Donner dormitory. A caption under a photo of the new snack bar announced that it was ?an epicure?s dream.? Unfortunately, though a committee was set up to organize the snack bar, The Tartan reported that in initial attempts, ?nothing much was accomplished.? Maybe the committee realized it was dealing with a combination as volatile as ammonia and bleach: Donner and campus food.

25 years ago

October 14, 1980

A letter to the editor responded to the issue of whether or not ?nukes were here to stay.? The writer declared, ?I, for one, have deep convictions against nuclear power. And I am going to stand up and fight for those convictions, regardless of who has the money, the influence, or the better odds.? Well, David Walker, looks like you didn?t do such a good job, did you? Mwa-ha-ha.

10 years ago

October 23, 1995

A visiting chef, Martin Yan, came to campus with his gifts of culinary wisdom in tow. The Tartan reported that ?Martin Yan taught CMU students how to cook Chinese chicken and beef stir-fry, as well as entertaining students with his jovial attitude on wide-ranging topics from sex to the art of Tai Chi.? See, guys, more of you would be able to talk about sex with a jovial attitude if you just learned how to cook your gal some Chinese chicken.

5 years ago

October 16, 2000

Can you mashed potato? Can you do the twist? Well, someone at CMU could. A crime report said that ?an unknown person shot mashed potatoes? at a fraternity house window. The potatoes hit the window and a nearby brick wall. Mmm, please pass the gravy.

1 year ago

October 14, 2004

The Robotics Institute celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. It celebrated with 40 experts who gathered to mark the day. Students also came and played with robots on the Cut. One roboticist ?scuttled? a robot on the Cut. You know how I would have used my robots to par-tay? I would have used their little metal parts to stir my drinks. Yeah, baby.