Presidential Perspectives

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Prior to explaining more of what I am working on and how those changes will affect the campus, I would like to give the student body an update on the project being installed between Doherty and Baker Halls. The sculpture, designed by Jonathan Borofsky and donated by a trustee, is four sotries high. It should be an exciting addition to this campus.

In addition, the third floor of the University Center is about to undergo a few major changes. The lounge space by the stairs to Skibo Coffeehouse will be shrunk in order to build two new offices to house organizations that are currently in the Old Student Center, which will be demolished for the construction of the Gates Building. Unfortunately, these two new offices will cause a loss of meeting space for a few student organizations; thus Nicolette and I are currently working with the Office of Student Activities to find a replacement area for these meetings. We hope to have something finalized in the next week or so.

I am setting up Student Government Executive Committee meetings to occur at least once a month. Attending these meetings will be the presidents of the Graduate Student Assembly, Greek Council, and the Student Dormitory Council, and the chairs of the Undergraduate Student Senate and Activities Board. I consider them to be extremely knowledgeable in their positions, and will be able to share with the other governing bodies what each organization is working on, ultimately resulting in a student government that won?t overlap in tasks. If you feel there is an organization that I have left off of my list for these meetings, please send me an e-mail.

Along those same lines Nicolette and I are going to start- up ?Presidential Roundtable? dinners. These meetings will involve eight to ten student organization leaders as well as Nicolette and me. Some of the meetings will involve leaders who lead similar groups, like athletic groups or cultural groups, so we can hear problems that are specific to each demographic, but other meetings will involve unrelated leaders so we can discuss issues facing the campus. I am looking forward to starting these to ensure various opinions are heard before student government attempts to change or create a policy.

These two new meetings will allow for a freer, more open exchange of information, which will ensure student government is working to its fullest potential and considering many diverse viewpoints.