Did Ya Know?

50 years ago

October 12, 1955

Lysistrata was the play of the day at the College of Fine Arts. Yes, history repeats itself. ?Charles Holt?s adaptation of Aristophanes? Lysistrata includes a chorus and group dancing,? the Tartan reported. Looks like CFA is stuck in the past, but we?re okay with that.

25 years ago

October 7, 1980

Carsickness came to Carnegie Mellon! Yes, Carsickness! Not sea-sickness, homesickness, or ?I just ate at Schatz?-sickness. Carsickness, in fact, was a band who performed with The Five and Black Market Baby. The Tartan was pretty kind to the band: ?While occasional songs suffered from a lack of organization, Carsickness displayed true talent that could one day carry them very far.? Do you know how they?d get there? In cars! Here in my car, I can go very far. Yes, terrible joke, I?m aware.

10 years ago

October 9, 1995

?Video games lend hours of entertainment, violence too,? The Tartan proclaimed in a headline. The article welcomed you to enjoy ?another installment of Friday Night Doom.? And, for the record, there?s nothing, and I mean nothing, that beats out Friday night Doom. Not parties, not late night food, nothing!

5 years ago

October 9, 2000

The Tartan reprinted words from Bill Clinton, then President of the United States for two terms, as he reflected back on his time as Commander in Chief. He talked about facing impeachment and government shutdowns. He also defended his wife Hillary Clinton?s work on health care: ?She gets a total bum rap on this,? Clinton commented. Oh well, too bad Hillary hates rap, and she especially hates rap that refers to the buttock region. But Bill, well, we know how he feels about big butts.

1 year ago

October 18, 2004

The Tartan protested the lack of student input that Mel Bochner and Michael Van Valkenburgh used when producing Kraus Campo. For the uninformed, the Kraus Campo is the garden and pathway area above the new Posner Center. ?Public art, including the Kraus Campo, requires a different sort of criticism than paintings or sculpture in a gallery,? The Tartan wrote. Ah, Kraus Campo, maybe if you weren?t electric orange and disco-ball blue people would visit you. Then you wouldn?t be so lonely.