Crime and Incident

23 January 2005 00:20

The Doherty Apartments CA was advised that the fire extinguishers from the B and C Tower basements were missing. Two wall lights have also been broken.

Disorderly Conduct
23 January 2005 03:15

The Forbes House RA reported an incident between two housemates that occurred on the residence porch. One of the persons involved allegedly possessed a switchblade. The housefellow and Student Life have been informed; the incident is still under investigation.

Suspicious Person/Theft ? Larceny
24 January 2005 15:12

Police were notified of an individual possessing a semi-automatic handgun in the University Center men?s locker room. The man, who was not from the University, had a permit for the gun. Police seized the handgun, along with its full clip and spare rounds. Having been banned from campus in May 2004, he was arrested for defiant trespassing and for the theft of cash from a nearby unlocked locker. The individual was transported to the county jail pending a court appearance.

Suspicious Person
25 January 2005 22:28

A resident of London Terrace Apartments reported a black male loitering and attempting to enter the residence. The man was wearing black pants, a black jacket, and a black hat, and carrying a black backpack. Shortly after the report, police found a man matching that description at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Craig Street. The man was evasive when questioned.

Harassment by Phone
25 January 2005 17:41

A female resident of one of the Hill dorms reported receiving harassing phone calls from an unknown person. The caller knew her status as a student, and inquired about her classes. Police gave the complainant information about how to trace future harassing phone calls.

Possible Theft of Property
27 January 2005 10:51

An unknown person or persons removed the inside parts of a copy machine in Hamerschlag Hall. The faceplate was removed, buttons were taken, and the cover was replaced.

Compiled by
Brittany McCandless