From the Tartan Ombudsman

When I first decided to get involved with the Tartan, I was as skeptical as the next person regarding the future of the paper, even with all the new changes being implemented. After all, it is easy to set up the found-
ations for change but much harder actually to rebuild a solid institution
from an organization that many believed or wished to be rubble.
My job this past fall semester as Ombudsman was to listen to the grievances of individuals who had problems with any aspect of the paper. I am continuing in my position as Ombudsman in this spring semester because I feel that more can be done. I wish not only to be an ear for the
Tartan but to engage the community as a member of the organization.
With the start of this new semester, every member of this campus is being given an opportunity: a chance to take all that we have learned and turn it into something better. The Tartan will take whatever form will serve the community best. Whether it is a simply a source of reporting or becomes a forum for initiating community discussion and involvement is up to the students.
The Tartan Commission?s suggestions regarding the broader community need to be addressed. This is because they could affect the daily lives of students, and we, as students, must be involved in that process. After all, what is your opinion on incorporating education that would help students be more well-rounded, particularly involving diversity and community? Maybe even more importantly, why does this initiative need to come from the administration and not from the students? Shouldn?t we want to have ?interpersonal relationships founded on civility and respect? and to ?engage socially across intercultural and intercultural lines?? If not, why?
Expressing your opinion is as easy as writing a letter to the editor in e-mail. Suddenly, you will have engaged in the broader community.
Students should no longer be surfeited with the concept of diversity at orientation and then never stay long enough to live and experience it. This is a problem in our community of which our interactions can no longer skim the surface. The Commission?s report makes bold statements to this effect in addressing the community at large ? statements with which many of us would agree ? but we still seem to be content with maintaining the status quo.
When passing stacks of papers on campus or hearing about forum events, it is easy to simply ignore them and pass by. However, once you step into the mentality of involvement, you are often in it for the long haul. Many people choose not to take that step. But involvement is as easy as picking up that paper, or attending that forum. Hard work is the basic tenet of any individual in this community, so using that energy to work towards a elevated level of community interaction seems well worth the effort. The Tartan can become an instrument for greater involvement in and reflection of the community; we invite each individual reader to join us in that task.