From Franklin Williams, Managing Editor

When I arrived at Carnegie Mellon in 2002, I noticed a pervasive atmosphere of disdain and negativity toward The Tartan. I felt it strange that students could be so angry toward a student newspaper and its reporting. What concerned me most, though, was that rather than help to make
it better, it seemed that most people would rather ignore it entirely.
I joined The Tartan in the spring of 2004, the semester of the ?Natrat? publication. What I realized was that The Tartan consisted of an extremely dedicated group of individuals trying to resuscitate a troubled publication to give it a newer, more student-friendly spin.
Unfortunately, due to lack in judgment, the ?Natrat? was published in its final ? and ultimately shoddy ? form. Many were hurt, some were appalled, and, ultimately, The Tartan closed its doors. A great injustice had been done to the community, and it needed to be fixed.
In the past semester, The Tartan has made many changes in the right direction. From rewriting our constitution to revamping our staff and giving our publication protocols a complete overhaul, we have been trying to ensure that we will never experience another incident like the ?Natrat? ever again.
We appreciate the report published by the Tartan Commission and have taken their recommendations very seriously. As we move forward into next semester and our next publication cycle, we continue to refer to their document as a source of recommendation as to what The Tartan should value and consider important within itself. We also appreciate the members of the commission for all the work they have put forward and the time they have spent in order to help us get our organization back on its feet.
The Tartan took the Commission?s report to heart. A task force was arranged in order to go through the report, charge by charge, in order to address the issues at hand. Through meetings with the Commission, we have come to a general agreement on what is appropriate and what should be done.
I am still bothered, though, by the general response of the University towards the report. Charge 3 of the Tartan Commission Report is aimed toward the campus community and the general attitude of members of the campus towards each other. It seems, though, that the report as a whole has been generally ignored. A great deal of this problem may be attributed to the fact that the report itself is very difficult to find and was never physically distributed out on campus.
This issue is being published in order to provide our readers with an idea of The Tartan?s progression over the past semester. We are publishing a full copy of the Commission?s report in this special issue, in the hope that it will be read and used to its full extent. Also included is our open letter to the community on what you, as a reader, should expect from The Tartan.
Our hope is that the University will appreciate the work both The Tartan and the Commission have done toward repairing ties with the community and the administration, and encourage the student body to help us move towards a better paper.