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CMU ‘smart’ in its prep for Ebola

Carnegie Mellon has protocols in place in the unlikely event that a case of Ebola is identified on campus, according to Director of University Health Services (UHS) Anita Barkin.

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Pugwash: Gender inequality in technology industry must be remedied

Student Pugwash is a non-advocacy, educational organization that discusses the implications of science. This article is a discussion on gender inequality in the technology industry.

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U.S. needs to kick its gas addiction

Kicking the fossil fuel habit isn’t easy, but Americans need to accept the fact that fossil fuels are a dangerous base for our society that might prove one day to be an existential threat.

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Away Game Briefs

Volleyball Over the weekend, the Carnegie Mellon volleyball team traveled...

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Jodi Picoult discusses the facts of fiction

Picoult, addressing a sold out Carnegie Music Hall, spoke about the research she does for her works of fiction. And, boy, were her experiences eye-opening.

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